21 July

These Lessons will help you in your RTA Driving Test

Driving School : EDI Qusais

My Story

Hi All, I gave my 4th attempt on 19th July 2016 from EDI Qusais and I passed with 0 minor/major mistakes. . Lessons learnt from my mistakes and from my exam mates:

1. Always keep the speed limit. If you are driving at a reduced speed, it sends out a message that you are not confident about your driving. Little speed above the limit( 0-6 km/hr) should be ok. many of my exam mates failed because of this, even though they did not make any other mistakes.

2. Gain speed as soon as you finish a U-turn or merging matching with the Road Speed.

3. Safety is most important. They count a lot on your judgement skills. While moving off from the Parking, U-turn, Stop sign, Lane Change, Round about etc... ensure that the it is safe to move. Otherwise it will result in immediate fail. However if there is sufficient gap, proceed. Work this out with your instructor and have an idea and understand how much gap is safe and unsafe. The speed of the other vehicle also matters a lot. You need to practice a lot on this.

4. Following Examiner's instructions carefully. Be very attentive. If you fail to follow it is immediate fail.

5. Make sure you check the mirrors and headchecks properly at all required times. You need to check the center mirror every 5-10 seconds and before braking. Make it a habit in your training so you will not forget during the exam. This will help in reducing your minor mistakes.

6. Scan the road in front for any possible dangers like pedestrians/ sudden stoppage of vehicles/ cars moving off from the parking. You need to act accordingly. Otherwise it is immediate fail.

7. Practice the parking.

Mostly examiner will ask you to Park in a short-notice. Be prepared for that.

Hope it helps. Good Luck to everyone.

This blog has helped me a Lot. Thanks to the Admin and everyone :)

my tips :

  • . Always keep the speed limit.
  • . Safety is most important.
  • Practice the parking.