21 July

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Driving School : NA

My Story

Driving test tips to be kept in mind basis my classes and
test (2nd attempt)

Dress formally and greet the examiner.

While starting the car, adjust your seat,
steering and mirrors. Then put on the seat belt and ask other to put on the

While moving out of the parking lot (90 degree
parking), if you are asked to go right, ensure that you come out on the
opposite lane in the direction of the traffic. This is done by turning the
wheel to the left after the parking slot line comes in line with your shoulder
level. If you are just asked to go, by default you have to come out of the
parking lot on the right and proceed in the left direction.

Accelerate steadily without jerking the vehicle.
Follow speeds of 25 at signal bumps (flatter ones) and 10 at short bumps (big

Always maintain speed limit. Parking lots – 25, Single
roads – 40, double lane road – 60 (if school area, restrict to 40) and triple
lane road – 80. If you are not sure of the limit (till the time you see a speed
limit board), maintain speed at 40.

Keep watching all mirrors every 5 – 10 seconds.
After braking, check rear mirror.

Look out for pedestrians on crossings and give
way. Put on hazard light if you stop at the crossing (unless there is a red

Do not stop on pedestrian crossings. If there is
a vehicle in front of you in such a manner that you will have to stop on a
crossing, wait for the vehicle to move ahead. Only after that, you should cross
the pedestrian crossing.

Do not change lanes near pedestrian crossing or
where there is a solid line. Do not move in to a right lane if there is a
vehicle which is joining the road in the right lane in the front.

While land changing, check both the mirrors, put
on the indicator, do the blind spot check, again check both the mirrors and
then change lanes without altering the speed.

When there is a stop sign, stop completely. When
there is a dotted line (give way), crawl over the line and accelerate steadily
on the main road.

At a U turn, move to the right most lane after

After doing a U turn, if you come out on the
left lane, move into the right lane after crossing the solid line.

For taking a U turn, enter the U turn filter at
the start of the filter and not later over dotted lines.

At a roundabout, if a 2 lane road merges into a
3 lane roundabout, you have to take the right most lane (and not the middle
one) in the roundabout to go straight.

Do not forget to put on indicators for lane
change, lane merging onto a main road through a filter (most common where
people forget putting on the indicator), U turns, roundabouts (remember the
opposite side indicator while exiting the roundabout) and during parking/
coming out of parking bays (again most commonly forgotten places).

Before 90 degree parking, check for the position
(the first line of your parking slot should be at the level of the door handle
when you start turning).


my tips :

You will rarely be asked to parallel park in a
test. However, practice this once in the last driving class that you take just
to brush up on the points.