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Drive2Success Stories

  • Sameera Salih EDI Qusais

    Hi All, I gave my 4th attempt on 19th July 2016 from EDI Qusais and I passed with 0 minor/major mistakes. . Lessons learnt from my mistakes and from my exam mates:

    1. Always keep the speed limit. If you are driving at a reduced speed, it sends out a message that you are not confident about your driving. Little speed above the limit( 0-6 km/hr) should be ok. many of my exam mates failed because of this, even though they did not make any other mistakes.

    2. Gain speed as soon as ... more >>

  • Umair Ansari Galadari

    Hi and Assalam.u.Alaikum to everyone!


    Finally it is my time to write an interesting and terrific story of my experience of gaining a driving license at Al Qusais Branch of GALADARI, the worst ever Institute. I gained on last Saturday after opening the file in January. Long way I went more than expected.


    PARKING BY RTA Examiners:< ... more >>

  • Shams Dubai

    Story you can type here

    ... more >>

  • Abraham India EDI

    I am holding the Indian Driving license, which i got in the year 2008. As i heard that if we hold the driving license which is 5+ years old, we need to attend only 20 classes. So i first went to Galadari driving center, in Qusais for registering, but as the queue was so long that i waited for more than 3 hours but still they didn't called my number. So i had to go back home and i wasted a day. Later my Boss suggested me to visit EDI, Qusais and hence with his permission i wen ... more >>

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